Why does Kontakt show a "missing files" error when loading the library?

The "missing files" error usually means that Kontakt can't find the samples. This is generally due to one of two situations:

1. The samples got extracted somewhere else other than where the library expects them to be. Double-check to make sure there's a "Samples" subfolder located within the sample library's main folder. If it ended up in a different folder, you'll need to move the folder back where it belongs.

2. The samples weren't fully extracted or encountered an error. Make sure that the filesize of the RAR files matches what's listed on the download page to the exact byte, and make sure that 7-Zip/WinRAR or UnRarX indicate the extraction process is complete before closing them.

Be sure to refer to the installation instructions included on the library's download page for detailed step-by-step instructions on how to install and load the sample library. The installation is fairly straight-forward, but if you skip any steps or use RAR extraction software other than the options we recommend, we can't guarantee that the sample library will be installed successfully.

Also, refer to these video tutorials to ensure that the sample libraries are being extracted properly:

Windows extraction tutorial video

Mac OS extraction tutorial video