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"This is my small tribute to Chick Corea and hence, the title came about. My favorite part about using Pear was its flexibility." - Brian Kim
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"Koreana Express" definitely captures the rhythmic sophistication of Chick Corea's compositions and performing. The harmony and melody of the song vary from a simple latin jazz feel to a more esoteric musical realm--this combination is very characteristic of not only Chick Corea, but the great jazz pianist, Keith Jarrett, as well. Besides featuring CoreBass Pear (which takes a great bass solo), "Koreana Express" also uses the free Jazz Funk Drum sample library, using the disabled snare samples to capture an authentic latin jazz tone.

The thing I like the most about the composition is that it transitions between an upbeat latin jazz feel to a half-time swing really well. Overall, the piece has a relaxed simplicity to it, though the skillfully-sequenced drums add an intensity that powers the song. The underlying Songo rhythmic pattern hinted at by the bass and drums create a lot of forward motion as well.

Greg Schlaepfer,
Orange Tree Samples


Brian Kim is a composer originally from South Korea, and writes many kinds of jazz. From smooth jazz to contemporary avant-guarde jazz, Brian Kim is a terrific performer and composer.


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