We're excited to announce our first vocal library, "Voices of Millennials", an extensive collection of artisanal phrases and playable patches. The library covers both vocal ensembles as well as soloists--all locally sourced. The library totals nearly 20 GB of raw audio content, compressed only using natural, sustainable methods.

Get ready to break the internet with your next chart topper!


- Millennial whoops with true legato transitions.
- Phrase builder with over 30 words/phrases, including: "lit", "turnt", "gucci", "bae", and "what's the wifi password?"
- Conveniently engage our built-in ISM (integrated spicy memes) engine at any moment for instant inspiration.

Pricing and availability:

As of today, we're accepting pre-orders. The library will be available April 1, 2020, retailing at $1299 USD. Payments in installments are available.

Posted on April 1, 2019

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