We just changed the download method of all our Evolution guitar libraries to ZIP files instead of multi-part RAR files. We'll be updating the downloads for the other libraries shortly as well. Hopefully this will provide an easier and more convenient installation process.

We're making this switch for several reasons:

- While the RAR format has much better compression than ZIP files, this difference is negligible when using Kontakt's lossless NCW sample format.

- Windows and macOS can natively extract ZIP files, while RAR files require additional software.

- On macOS, RAR files typically extract to separate folders rather than being merged into the same single folder. This commonly results in the instrument not being able to find the samples. One of the reasons we recommended UnRarX for macOS users is because beyond being a lightweight, easy-to-use program it didn't have this problem, and properly extracted the RAR archives into the same destination. However, because UnRarX's development seemed to have been abandoned, it doesn't have macOS Catalina support, leaving users to resort to other RAR extraction programs.

- There's more room for error with the multi-part RAR files. For example, if you forgot to download all the RAR files, or if your browser appended anything to the filenames.

That being said, if you prefer having the libraries split into multiple download parts (for example, if your internet connection tends to be unstable and the downloads are finishing incomplete), just contact our support and we'll provide alternate download links.

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