Many of you are probably wondering why there hasn't been any news at Orange Tree Samples for around a month. We're currently working on several projects simultaneously, so things are taking a little longer than anticipated--but we can assure you that the wait will be worth what's coming in a few weeks! Here's a run-down of what we're working on at Orange Tree Samples...

First of all, there's the rhythm electric guitar sample library. What's left to be done is to create the presets, write the manual, and compose the demo songs. We're really excited about this release--it pushes the limits of KONTAKT and the realism of sampled instruments. But we'll let you be the judge of that when it's released in a few weeks. Oh, and the reason for this delay is also because the release is dependent on a few other updates related to the product line.

Then there's the update for CoreBass Pear. We're completely re-writing the scripting to reduce the CPU/RAM usage and adding a few more features while we're at it. The playability is a lot better, and the velocity response is sounding great!

We're also working on a utility that will be extremely useful for ALL users of KONTAKT. It can be used in conjunction with Orange Tree Samples products, or applied to other sample libraries as well. The utility will be very affordable, and will undoubtedly become a staple of your workflow.

Finally, another sample library that's on the horizon is a collection of Native American Flutes. We combined multiple velocity layers and round-robin with performance-modeled scripting to create a product that has a magical realism to it. Here's an audio sneak peek so you can hear what I mean:
This is played live through a two-octave MIDI keyboard, and uses only a fraction of the articulations we sampled.

We really appreciate your patience, and check back soon!

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