While Kontakt includes its own factory microtuning instrument script, sometimes it doesn't work properly when combined with other scripts. We've developed our own microtuning script that's designed with script compatibility in mind. Specifically it works in addition to any existing tuning adjustments made by other scripts in the instrument, as well as existing tuning adjustments in the instrument's mapping.


- Realtime tuning update. This makes it so that you can hear your tuning changes in realtime, as adjusting the controls. It also means that the "tuning amount" slider can be automated to a MIDI CC to shift the tuning amount in realtime for a creative effect (for example, a chord played with a string ensemble with each note drifting into or out of tune).

- Tuning baseline. You can select whether the tuning adjustments are based on equal temperament or pure tuning. If you want to experiment with your own temperament, you most likely want to use the pure tuning setting as your baseline.

- Value edit controls. Because the tuning table control is difficult to get very specific milllicent tuning values, we added value edit controls underneath that allow you to type in the exact tuning in cents with three decimal places. You can also paste numbers into these controls as well.

- Tuning files. You can load and save your tuning presets from external NKA files for easy sharing (or even for editing in any text editor directly).


Download the Pro Microtuning instrument script here.


To install the script, simple extract the NKP file into your Documents > Native Instruments > Kontakt 5 > presets > Scripts folder.

After restarting Kontakt, the script will appear among your user instrument scripts as shown below:

In the event that there are existing instrument scripts, use the first empty script slot occurring from left to right. Of course, we do not recommend loading this script in place of an existing instrument script, since that will likely impair the library's existing functionality. Unfortunately this also means that if the instrument already uses all five script slots, there isn't room to load the Pro Microtuning script.

Because you need to access Kontakt's instrument editing view, the script can't be added to libraries that are locked. The script requires Kontakt 5.5.2 or later, but if you need compatibility with previous versions of Kontakt 5 (or even as early as Kontakt 4.2.4), download this alternate version instead.

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