Depending on your controller, you might find that your pitch wheel's resolution or refresh rate leaves a lot to be desired. This multiscript addresses this by applying smoothing to the pitch bend MIDI messages.


- Adjustable smoothing amount. Adjust the exact amount of smoothing to suit your own preferences.

- Multiscript format. Being a multiscript, it can be used with any library you want. Because it intercepts pitch bend messages before they reach the instrument level, it also guarantees compatibility with all your libraries, whereas a script on the instrument level might not always play nicely with adjacent scripts.

- Oversampling for optimal smoothing. The smoothing is calculated with floats rather than integers for optimal results.


Download the Pitch Bend Smoothing multiscript here.


Please note that this multiscript requires Kontakt 5.6.0 or greater to run.

To install the multiscript, simple extract the NKP file into your Documents > Native Instruments > Kontakt 5 > presets > Multiscripts folder.

After restarting Kontakt, the script will appear among your user multiscript presets.

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