We just released the 1.2.5 update for all our Evolution-based instruments.

Here's a list of the changes:

- Ability to lock individual settings and articulations, allowing you to switch snapshot presets without overwriting certain settings and mapped articulations. Note that the old “Lock Mapping” setting is now removed. If you relied on that setting in any existing projects, the new version will automatically convert them to use the individual lock options instead.

- New setting: “Performance Effect Keys”, letting you control the key range where the performance effects are mapped.

- New setting for Evolution Bluegrass Banjo: "Drone String in All Chords”, which lets the drone string be included in any chord voicing, or excluded from chord voicings that don’t include its pitch as a chord tone.

- Efficiency improvements to fretboard display.

- Change pitch bend and legato range settings to semitones instead of interval names.

- Fixed a bug with the dynamic memory when unmapping the sustain articulation, but try using one of the MIDI-based articulations such as the slides.

- Fixed a bug that affected "velocity slide" articulation in combination with the sustain pedal down condition.

- Capo position now modulates custom chord voicing selection.

- Open string legato mode now not only allows pull offs to open strings, but now allows for hammer ons from open strings to higher notes on the fretboard.

- Added hover tooltips.

If you're subscribed to our emails and own any of the Evolution-based libraries, you should have received an email notification with a download link for the update.

If you haven't received the email despite owning any of the libraries, please get in touch with our support.

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