An update for our Evolution-based instruments is now available!

The update applies to all but our latest three releases (Evolution 10 String Stick, Evolution Vision Bass, and Evolution Classic Rick Bass), which are already using this new version.

Here's a list of the changes:

- New Native Map parameter pages, giving you access to many more controls than before--nearly 20 pages worth!

- Evolution libraries can all share the same “.nkr” resources file, which will make applying future updates much easier.

- New collection of deluxe spring reverb options, including stereo spring reverbs.

- New option to have separate slide ranges from the standard legato ranges.

- New pick position variance setting for when the pick modeling feature is enabled, adding an adjustable amount of randomness to the pick position.

- Added the ability to create custom tunings rather than being limited to the tuning presets.

- Better dynamic memory handling, unloading unused signals/pickups for memory optimization.

- Improved the realism of the release slide articulation.

- Improved automatic string selection with MIDI-based articulations.

- Fixed bug with strumming patterns and using multitracking resulting in notes left ringing and/or unintentionally muted.

If you own any of the Evolution-based libraries, you should have received an email notification of the update, with a download link containing only the updated files along with instructions on how to install them. If you haven't received the email despite owning any of the libraries, please get in touch with our support.

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