"What I like about CoreBass Pear is the realistic slides, they are easy to perform or program and sound musical. The overall sound of the instrument is excellent as well." - John Rochon
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John Rochon's "Piece for Pear" is a jazz tune featuring a catchy 7/8 rhythmic motive. At times it sounds reminiscent of the Hadouk Trio, other times of the Yellowjackets, especially compositionally. The mellow tones of the hang drum, upright bass (CoreBass Pear), and rhodes mix really well. These instruments are contrasted by the bright jazz drumming and soprano sax lines. The mixing is great, too--there's just the right balance between the warm, ambient instruments and the bright percussive ones. The stereo mix has a solid central foundation, but the hang drum and jazz drumset provide a nice stereo width to the song.

If you're as much of a fan of polyrhythms as I am, you'll love Piece for Pear. John Rochon has appointed each instrument its own rhythm--from the clear 7/8 bass pattern to the 7/4 feel in the drums, which smooths out potentially edgy bar transitions. Harmonically the piece alternates between major and minor tonalities, giving the song an upbeat as well as pensive mood.

Overall "Piece for Pear" has a great mix of contrasting elements, in the arrangement as well as the production. The sequencing is excellent, paying attention to each upright bass slide and drum fill. On top of that, it's a great composition, too!

Greg Schlaepfer,
Orange Tree Samples


John Rochon is a multi-instrumentalist, playing drums, percussion, keys, and guitar.

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