"Not knowing the real instrument well, yet having to learn millions of
keyswitches to play the sampled version, is a nightmare. With Orange
Tree libraries this is not a problem!

The purpose of the Cherry Choke song is to demonstrate CoreBass Cherry
(fingered and picked) in both quiet and busy parts of a rock/metal style
song. I've used CoreBass Cherry for the (almost) solo parts and CoreBass
Cherry Picked for the dense parts. I've used IK Ampeg SVX for some sound
processing. The two guitars (the clean and the overdriven one) in the
song are both CoreGuitar Strawberry (of course!) processed with IK
Amplitube Metal." - Peter Andersson
Download "Cherry Choke" MP3

"Cherry Choke" is a great piece: the composition, sequencing, and production are nothing short of masterful. The song changes time signatures smoothly, without losing its hard-hitting groove. Another notable element of this composition is its use of the Locrian mode. Some theory books teach that Locrian is not a "real" mode due to its lack of a perfect 5th, but Peter soundly disproves this. In terms of production, the mix is really good. Everything is well balanced, the instruments all blend well, and there's some loudness maximizer, so the song is radio-ready, too!

Peter Andersson showcases CoreBass Cherry and CoreBass Cherry Slapped very nicely. The transitions between the fingered playing and the slapping is seamless, and the slides and fret noises are very convincing. He's also used the Strawberry Electric Guitar electric guitar library for not only heavily-distorted powerchords, but also a clean rhythm guitar part. All the squeals and other crunchy effects that the guitar makes are very realistically sequenced. There's a quality of effortlessness in Peter's music which makes it really enjoyable to listen to.

If you like "Cherry Choke", Peter Andersson has lots of other great songs of his at his website. Check it out!

Greg Schlaepfer,
Orange Tree Samples


Peter Andersson is a pop/rock artist from Stockhold, Sweden. He adds a progressive touch to the pop/rock genre in his one-man-band, "For Pete's Sake". Although Peter is a drummer by trade, he also plays keyboard, with which he triggers software instruments.

Website: http://www.myspace.com/pekadan

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