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FREE Keyswitch Router Multiscript

Here’s a multiscript for Kontakt 4+ that allows you to route MIDI input to different MIDI channels based on user-defined keyswitches.

The KS Router multiscript is a powerful system for combining multiple MIDI channels into a single MIDI channel, allowing you to dynamically switch between these MIDI channels by way of latching keyswitches.

This is especially useful if a library uses separate patches for each articulation–that way you can access them all from a single MIDI channel, switching between the articulations using keyswitches.

It also allows you to take advantage of Kontakt’s total of 64 internal MIDI channels, allowing you to maximize the amount of instruments loaded per instance of Kontakt.

KS Router Picture

Download KS Router (264 KB)


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3 Responses to “FREE Keyswitch Router Multiscript”

  1. Stef says:

    Brilliant! Just what I was looking for. I actually spent some time attempting to code a similar script to this prior to finding it. The functionality here gets me most of the way to my goal, except for a couple things:

    1) The addition of momentary keyswitching ability (non-latching).

    2) Note retriggering on keyswitching. ie: if a played note is held and a keyswitch is then triggered, stop the note on the prior channel and retrigger it on the new channel. This is great for legato scenarios where for example you want to have a single string note change from sustain to tremolo just by hitting a keyswitch.

  2. Christopher Harris says:

    I don’t know what I am doing wrong but the script does not work for me at all. I followed the K5 directions. It shows up in my user presets. I load the instruments Midi Ch 1 and 2. I set two keyswitches start on C1. I can hear my Midi Ch 1 playing and when I select Keyswitch 2 (C#1) it does not switch to my next midi ch. Any ideas??

  3. Guy Rowland says:

    Wow, how did I miss this?! Very simple, incredibly useful to a) choose keyswtiches and b) use the B-D slots in Kontakt. Thanks very much, Greg!

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