Note: All entries for the "World Bass Star" competition have been received and voting has begun! We've really been impressed with the quality of these entries. It's now your change to listen and cast your vote for the winner.

Ah springtime. The birds are out, the rain or snow (sometimes it snows in April) is falling, and inspiration is flowing--a perfect time to succumb to spring fever and begin new projects to exercise that musical talent that’s been hibernating all winter.

We are pleased to present you with the opportunity to show off and stretch your musical muscles by competing in the World Bass Star composer’s competition. There are only a few guidelines...


·         The deadline for submissions is May 10th, after which the entries will be voted on until May 18th.

·         All entrants must write a song which features one or more Orange Tree Samples bass sample libraries. The entries will be judged on compositional value, sequencing skill, and quality of production.  The judging will be held as a public poll on our forum.

Include a short biography as well as a brief explanation (no more than 30 words) about what you like best about the Orange Tree Samples bass library you used in the demo.  Also please include a webpage link, if you have a website for your music.

·         Entries must be submitted in MP3 format, encoded at 160 Kbps or higher.

Only one entry per person, emailed as an attachment or direct link to:


·         FIRST PLACE: Orange Tree Samples "Iconic Bass: Jaco" (to be released at the end of May) and one additional Orange Tree Samples bass library of your choice.

·         SECOND PLACE: Orange Tree Samples "Iconic Bass: Jaco" library.

·         THIRD PLACE: Any CoreBass Cherry or CoreBass Pear sample library of your choice.

·         ALL ENTRANTS: Secret prizes to be revealed later (well, we can't give away all our secrets just yet).

What if you don’t already own one of our sample libraries, but would like to enter the contest? We have you covered. Orange Tree Samples wants to make it easy for you to join in the fun by extending a special 40%-off discount on any of our bass libraries. Once you’ve filled your shopping cart at our website, enter the following code to activate your exclusive discount: WORLD BASS STAR 2009

Now get cracking! The contest closes on May 10th, so don’t miss out!

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